It appears we have the two best teams playing next Sunday in Super Bowl LIV. 

The Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers will square off in Miami after both dispatched the competition in relatively easy fashion in the AFC and NFC title games last weekend.

As a football fan, of course I took the time to take in the games last Sunday — after all, there were only three games left for the year, at least until this fall.

Kansas City fell behind the Tennessee Titans 10-0 in the AFC title game, but then — Mahomes happened.

Mahomes had an amazing game the week before, when the Chiefs spotted the Texans a 24-0 lead, only to outscore them 51-7 the rest of the way.

Last Sunday’s game was similar, with the Titans taking the early lead, and Mahomes leading a furious comeback.

By the third quarter, the outcome wasn’t really in doubt, and the Chiefs won the game rather easily after going up 35-17.

The Niners, on the other hand, had no such problems in dispatching Aaron Rodgers and the Pack, totally dominating in a first half that looked like old school football.

The Niners ran left, ran right, ran it up the middle, ran a couple of end arounds — they stuffed it right down Green Bay’s throat, and there was nothing the Packers could do to stop it in the first half as San Francisco rolled to a 27-0 halftime lead.

Rodgers brought the Pack back a little in the second half, but the game was basically over.

The amazing stat from that game? In the now pass-happy NFL, Jimmy Garoppolo, the Niners’ quarterback, completed just six passes for 69 yards. He only attempted eight throws for the game as the Niners crushed Green Bay for the second time this season.

So on we go to next week’s Super Bowl LIV, more of a spectacle than a football game.

The game has seemed secondary to me for a long time now; the commercials, the pre-game, the halftime show, all built up by FOX and the NFL as they try to broaden the audience for the game.

This year, they’ll bring in a couple of stars for the halftime show that I couldn’t care less about, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira (who?), which means I’ll have time to hit the head, and grab a snack and a beer. 

You youngsters out there enjoy it.

The Super Bowl is the most-watched broadcast of any kind all year long. In fact, a list of the largest viewerships of any broadcast has Super Bowls from 1986 on as 19 of the top 20 broadcasts of all-time.

Only the farewell episode of M.A.S.H. in 1983 breaks up the list.

This year’s game should be a good one — as I said earlier, it seems the two best teams made the game.

The Chiefs are a one-point favorite as of this writing, the closest since Seattle was a one-point pick over New England in 2015.

The telling stat for the game may be what the Chiefs did to Derrick Henry and the Titans last week.

Henry had averaged 180 yards rushing in the playoffs going into the AFC title game — the Chiefs held him to just 69 yards.

The Niners ran it all over Green Bay for 285 yards rushing last week, but lost one of their three backs to an injury in the Packers game.

Can they do that to the Chiefs defense?

I don’t think so, which means Garropolo is going to have to throw the ball more than eight times.

In a quarterback contest, who would you take? Mahomes or Garoppolo?

I’ll take the Texas Tech kid, and his coach, Andy Reid, who is long overdue for his first Super Bowl win.

The defenses for both teams are stout, so maybe there won’t be quite as many points as one might expect.

Chiefs win, but it’s close, 27-24.

Enjoy the game everyone!

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