This is typically the time of year when sports fans can relax.

The NBA and NHL have crowned their respective champions. The NFL draft is behind us and the NFL training camp openings are ahead.

It’s too soon to honestly care much about baseball unless you’re one of those people who thinks every game matters despite the fact they play approximately five million games a season.

There’s soccer going on — that World Cup thing — but with the Americans not making it, the general interest is limited. Yes, some people are following it for the country that their ancestors are from. We hope they enjoy it.

But this year has been different. This year there’s drama and excitement around a lot of the Texas teams who aren’t even playing right now.

San Antonio Spurs

Let’s start down the road in San Antonio where the fans of the silver and black might have to deal with a feeling they haven’t experienced in a long while.


There’s no Tim Duncan. There’s no David Robinson. Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker are a combined 5,976 years old.

Then you’ve got Kawhi Leonard. He was supposed to be the foundation upon which the Spurs machine just kept on rolling out of the Duncan era.

He was the no-fuss, no-muss superstar that San Antonio craves — and has had the fortune to have for decades.

But now, after having his feelings hurt by Parker’s public statement about his lingering injury, Leonard now wants to take his talents to Los Angeles to join the talents of LeBron James who opted to sign with the Lakers.

That move, if agreed to, would instantly make the Lakers the only credible threat to the Golden State Warriors, who are stockpiling All Stars like a doomsday prepper with hominy.

It would also give everyone else in the NBA the right to stop caring about the league entirely. Maybe you tune back in for the NBA Western Conference Finals, which they should just call the NBA Actual Finals.

But the only thing that stops Golden State from winning the title is the Lakers get lucky or an asteroid wipes out all life on the planet.

Even then, Warriors in seven over the asteroid.

San Antonio would join the rest of the league in relative oblivion. Young nucleus, taught the right way. But no.

Houston Rockets

There was talk, ever-so-briefly, that King James would bring his skills to Houston, potentially setting up another super team outside of California. That did not happen.

See above.

Dallas Stars

Did you know the state has a hockey team? It’s true.

They were middle of the road last year, run ragged by an old-school coach with some top shelf talent and a bunch of young guns he refused to play.

Now they’ve got a younger, more dynamic coach. So, progress.

The Stars were in the running for the top free agent in the NHL, John Tavares, but lost out to the Toronto Maple Leafs who are putting together a young, talented, fast team to make a run at the Stanley Cup.

Still. Warriors in five.

Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys are going to be different this year. Maybe not better. But different. The offseason brought great turmoil and change.

Gone are the antics of the increasingly erratic Dez Bryant. The only man to have a highlight reel “Are you kidding me!” catch followed by a “How did you drop that!” on a regular basis.

Gone is the legend across the middle — a sure-fire first ballot Hall of Famer — Jason Witten.

Ezekiel Elliott refrained from doing anything stupid, so he’s not suspended.

Members of the Cowboys defense can’t stop doing drugs, so there are suspensions for the first four games of the season.

Warriors in six.

Houston Texans

If the Texans stay healthy there could be a real chance I don’t have to hate watching the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl. I mainly know that J.J. Watt is a saint. That guy deserves all the good that can come his way.

Watt in seven.

Chris Lykins is the editor of the Seguin Gazette.

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