Did ya hear it on Thanksgiving Day?

It was the death knell of the Cowboys’ 2019 season.

I heard it — and unfortunately saw it — after a much anticipated game against the resurgent Buffalo Bills.

Maybe the Bills have a good team this year, but then any team that’s played the Cowboys over the last two months has looked pretty good.

After starting the season 3-0, and making a playoff run last season that had all Cowboys’ fans everywhere thinking this might finally be the year — Dallas has been a huge disappointment this season.

They were supposed to be better than this — Zeke got signed, Cooper was back, they picked up Randall Cobb, Dak was having his best year to date, the offensive line was supposedly among the best in the league.

The defense had pass rushers and run stoppers and the linebacking corp had a great season last year. The only question mark on that side of the ball was the secondary, but they had played above their heads this season too.

New offensive coordinator Kellen Moore looked like a genius in the first three games of the season, but now the Cowboys can’t run the ball effectively, and appear to have gone back to their conservative, mind numbing, play calling that has been a staple in Dallas for years.

Whatever is going on, the Cowboys have lost six of the last nine games, and are mired in mediocrity once again.

They haven’t beaten a team over .500 all year, and Thursday afternoon, gave their worst performance of the season by far.

After scoring on the opening drive, the Cowboys next six possessions went as follows — turnover, turnover, missed FG, missed FG, turnover on downs, turnover on downs.

They couldn’t have beaten a college team with that kind of performance.

Meanwhile, in some weird sort of comeuppance, Cole Beasley made the Cowboys look foolish. The Boys traded him away in the offseason, refusing to pay him what he deserved after years as a steady possession receiver in Dallas.

Well, he made them pay on Thursday.

Beasley caught 10 balls with a touchdown against his former team, and looked like a Pro Bowl receiver in the process.

He said after the game he felt disrespected by the organization after they let him go and then during the game when they tried to cover him with just one defender.

I’ve been an apologist for Jason Garrett for years. He didn’t have the pieces he needed, the Cowboys got hosed by the refs, injuries took their toll, etc., etc.

But how much more do we need to see here?

If the coach can’t win with this team, then that’s on the coach, right?

I’ve seen great players overcome less than desirable coaching before. I still believe that Texas won the National Championship in 2006 because Vince Young was so good that even Mac Brown couldn’t stop him.

But how much more mediocrity does Jerry Jones need to make a move away from Garrett?

This team should be the NFC East leader by three or four games right now. The talent is there, the pieces are in place.

But instead, I’m right back where I’ve been over the last 10 seasons with Garrett as coach.

Wondering what went wrong, where the wins are, living and dying on every play of the last half of the season, while the Cowboys struggle — once again — to make the playoffs.

Even if, somehow they turn it around and beat Chicago next Thursday night, then beat Philly for the second time this year to win the East, I have no faith in this team beating anyone in the playoffs.

I never can completely give up on them, but Thursday afternoon they didn’t show me anything that would indicate this is a playoff worthy team.

They’re just not that good — and this year, they were supposed to be.

Kevin Duke is the sports editor of the Seguin Gazette. You can e-mail him at sports@seguingazette.com .

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Boo-hoo for the Cowboys, who more often than not have been favorably treated by officials! NFL officiating has fallen to a new low in terms of credibility. Touchdowns that are/aren't, pass interference and unnecessary roughness calls, etc. Are the rules so nebulously defined that officials are confused as to what is happening?

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