On Friday, as County Judge Kyle Kutscher made the announcement that Guadalupe County had its first confirmed positive case of coronavirus, the news spread like wildfire.

And just as fast as that were the rumors.

There was speculation of who the patient was, where they got it, how they got it and more.

The same happened with the announcement that a Texas Lutheran University nursing student, who was working on her clinicals at a San Antonio hospital, came into contact with a patient who tested positive — the news spread quickly, as did the rumors.

While the student was exposed to the virus, she currently does not have COVID-19. However, that didn’t stop the speculation or the rumors. The university released as much information as they could without violating the student’s privacy, but they continue to report that she is showing no symptoms, she’s monitoring her temperature twice daily, and she’s checking in medical professionals.

Unfortunately, in the case where a Guadalupe County resident has tested positive for COVID-19, there isn’t a lot of information that was released.

And while we’d like to have the answers to all of those questions, we just don’t at this time. We’ll continue to seek those answers.

For now, we need to work together to stop the spread. We need to heed the guidelines that are from both President Trump and Texas Gov. Abbott.

One of the best ways we can help stop the spread is by social distancing — stay home.

Going to the grocery store daily isn’t helping.

Stockpiling and hoarding supplies isn’t helping.

We should be looking for and find positive, constructive ways to help.

We can donate money or excess dry goods to the Christian Cupboard or other local pantries.

Those who have sewing skills can make reusable masks for the healthcare workers who are on the front lines staring the disease in the face.

Record your children reading a book and send it to one of the area nursing homes and rehabilitation centers. Their residents are not allowed visitors, and while they are keeping them busy with activities, a change of scenery with a video would be nice.

We can also send them cards or flowers.

Find the Seguin Bingo Card at Pecantown.com , complete it while we’re self quarantined.

Every little bit that we can do helps. It helps stop the spread, it helps shine a light on these strange and sometimes dark days.

But most importantly, keep yourself informed. Read what the Center for Disease Control or the World Health Organization has to say.

Find out what’s happening right here in your community as we will continue to put out trusted, credible, and relevant information as it becomes available.

Felicia Frazar is the managing editor of the Seguin Gazette. Her column runs every other week. You can e-mail her at felicia.frazar@seguingazette.com .

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