Each year, the Carmage and Martha Ann Walls Foundation awards grants to non-profit organizations in the communities of the 12 Southern Newspaper Inc. publications serve. Each publisher is asked to submit a recommendation and the board of directors meet to discuss, assign and distribute the grants. For my second year as publisher of the Seguin Gazette, I nominated the Seguin Christian Cupboard. They were selected as a recipient and received a $10,000 grant from the Walls Foundation this past June. I have always been proud of the community support and involvement that this company emphasizes upon, but to see it firsthand is absolutely incredible and the Christian Cupboard is truly deserving of this donation.

My nomination came from my participation in Leadership Seguin this past year. Our first tour day was to some of the local non-profits in Guadalupe County. One of the stops was the Christian Cupboard. I was completely blown away by the number of people they serve on a daily/monthly/annual basis out of this small space. They literally use every inch of space they have.

The other small known fact that truly struck a cord with me, is the fact that it is completely volunteer operated. We toured their entire facility, which did not take very long, but there were people working and moving constantly while we took in all that they did. It is people like this that are so deserving of all the support and recognition they receive. According to their website www.christiancupboardofseguin.org, they log over 10,000 volunteer hours annually.

One of the other interesting facts that we learned on our tour, they have to purchase food from other food banks in addition to the donations they receive in order to serve all of the families that come through their door. Which is why it is so important to support this great organization. They take the time out of their lives to do everything in their power to make sure they provide food to those who can’t afford it.

Although we went with another community service project in Leadership Seguin, I knew from that day, I wanted to submit the Christian Cupboard as my grant nomination to the Carmage and Martha Ann Walls Foundation.

When you meet Regina Lee, executive director, you can’t help but stand in awe when she talks about the work they do at the Christian Cupboard. She truly inspires you to get involved with her passion and determination. I wish I had an ounce of her energy, it would serve me well these days. I encourage everyone to visit the Christian Cupboard and see all that they do. Get involved; give back to your community. It doesn’t take a big check or a truck full of goods, just your presence and a small amount of your time can make all the difference in the world.

The Carmage and Martha Ann Walls Foundation was created in 2000. Carmage Walls (1908-1998) and Martha Ann Walls (1927-2014) founded Southern Newspapers Inc., which owns and operates 12 newspapers in Texas and Oklahoma.

Elizabeth Engelhardt is the publisher for the Seguin Gazette.

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