It’s time to stop the moronic activities happening in our country. We are tearing down historical monuments because they are offensive to some? Maybe we should consider removing ALL monuments, including those of Black, Hispanic, Asian or other minorities!!!

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I think it is both. COVID-19 is real. The most vulnerable in our society are in danger. The elderly, those fighting diabetes, cancer, COPD, asthma, and any number of other health conditions are at risk. These folks need to be protected.

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As Confederate statues and other symbols of white supremacy are being removed or toppled as part of this country’s long path toward reckoning with hundreds of years of racist violence, it’s time for Seguin’s leaders to stop embracing skewed historical narratives that blindly glorify the Texa…

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What have we become as a nation? As I watch the last month’s news and the social media, and listen to my neighbors, I am not sure, but I can say that I am ashamed.

Churches should be different. “Light of the world.” “City on a hill.” They should remind me “the light shines in the darkness and the darkness shall not overcome it.” It’s where I heard I’m “IN the world, not OF it.”

Unemployed persons are receiving a $600 “bonus” in addition to their regular compensation. That creates a disincentive to go to work but plenty of time to go riot, loot and destroy. Thank you Congress. Elections have consequences.

After reading the article “Chief, sheriff discuss Minnesota death,” I was impressed and somewhat comforted with the comments made by the chief. But I have to admit I was disappointed by the sheriff. Especially when he said “if people would simply comply with a lawful order, they wouldn’t fin…

In reference to Jim Ward’s letter in the Wednesday May 27th edition of the Seguin Gazette, Mr. Ward, you are spot on with your letter while pointing out Guadalupe County has zero deaths.

Police are here to protect the community. Not to judge or to punish. Our job is to enforce laws and arrest those who break those laws, so that the criminal justice system can take the next steps. A recent event in Minneapolis has reminded me that not all officers realize this.

My recent letter about freedoms needing enhancing restrictions seems not to have reached every one. The government (the people) is only trying to restrict the freedom to catch and spread a dangerous disease. If you think the “government” can’t or shouldn’t make you wear a face mask in order …

Sixty-four people in our adjacent Bexar County have died from coronavirus as of May 19, 2020. ZERO have died in Guadalupe County. ZERO. And we live in a state of 29 million people. Yet tens of thousands of our citizens in these two counties have lost their livelihood and their jobs. How or w…

A while back, I had the pleasant daily task of picking a granddaughter up from kindergarten. One day near the end of the year, before she was 6 years old, we caught a red light on the way home. I expressed a little dissatisfaction and asked her if she thought red lights were good or bad. She…

To eat vegan is to exclude any meat, fish, eggs and dairy, and add various plant-based options to one’s diet. There should be more vegan options and products and public information brought to Seguin as it encourages a healthier lifestyle. A vegan diet/lifestyle offers a wide range of benefit…

“Can anything good come out of [politics]?” It’s a necessary evil and I know it will continue after Super Tuesday (to be sure, for the rest of my life). Once I was enmeshed in politics, even campaigning. “The Desiderata” (“avoid loud and aggressive persons…”) was popular when I was a teen.

I’ve practiced before Judge Old since just after he took the oath to serve these four counties.

In nine months, citizens of the U. S. will face a daunting task: the election of a president. Regardless of your political party affiliation, it is critical that you do your duty. Register to vote, vote early, or vote on election day. I strongly urge you to do your research about the candida…

I am writing to thank Seguin residents for sharing the true meaning of Christmas with children in need this past holiday season.

When Shania sassed her way through that song, she sang truthfully. It might be my age, the jobs I’ve had or simply my temperament, but iconic stature (even Seguin style) “don’t impress me much.”

Now is the time to act before it’s too late. The mayor of San Antonio, Ron Nirenberg, Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush, and the San Antonio City Council have been pushing through their agenda to make many changes at the Alamo.

“Is that all there is?” That song could easily be the query for many about Christmas busyness (and its aftermath). I’d answer, “certainly not.”

For these past months that I’ve been at Seguin High School, there have been numerous times where I’ve been attacked by many different people, because of my political beliefs, for speaking my truth!

Dr. Pepper had an ad that touted, “I’m a Pepper; he’s a Pepper…wouldn’t you like to be a Pepper, too?” Well, I avow, “I’m a turkey; he’s a turkey; wouldn’t you like to be a turkey, too?” I say that neither to mock nor wound. That assertion reminds me of being God’s turkey.

I’m writing to address the letter that was in the Gazette a little over a week ago. In the letter, it was asked why Seguin does not have a bookstore.

My opinion of the beautiful mural on the north side of the Aumont is that it is really hidden and should have been more visible. The Texas Rangers did a wonderful job getting rid of the outlaws in our area.

Milestones are monumental. However, such milestones like turning 30, menopause, Medicare, didn’t faze me. Yet, the one I’m reaching this month has my attention! It deserves to be called monumental by me. It fills me with great sadness and joy!

I wish I would choose wisely — even if it’s just my words. I cringe when writing each letter because I think of two English teachers reading them and “tsking” me.

The sense of community that our community is known for shined again with the recent resolutions of concern for the protection of the lakes that are part of the identity of our community, and for the protection of the wellbeing of those who would be impacted and harmed.

I just read the story about how Mr. Kiel presented the Heritage Museum with a Juan Seguin flag. When did he use that flag and why? It is a Mexican flag and is not one of the 10 flags that flew over the Republic like Mr. Gesick said.

Has “news” reporting become merely sensationalism? I cringed when reading your Sunday headline of “Testicle Shot While Man Holstering Gun.”

My name is Keith Strimple and I live on upper Lake Placid in Guadalupe County, Texas. Having started my engineering career with the Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority (GBRA) right out of college, I have a historical perspective that, I believe, is unique — working for GBRA from 1984-1998, havi…

The beautiful lakes in our area are part of the identity of the community, because they have been in place for about 90 years. GBRA bought them around the 1960’s, according to the news.  

In a prior letter to the editor, I wrote that columnist J.C. Dufresne’s charge that Trump supporters are “good little Nazis” is libelous. In response, reader Larry Spears suggests that it’s my comment that is libelous. Spears then joins Dufresne when he writes that an advisor to President Tr…

“Most people are good.” I like that song/singer, but when I hear that line I wince and mumble “hmmm” because I’m just not that sure. No problem seeing good in people, but my Libra scales simply won’t tip when I hear “most.”

There was a legal notice in the paper to condemn Mrs. Jacquline Crayton’s house that got me thinking. This is the same home that family and friends gathered in front of for a vigil after she was found dead on the floor from a non-life threatening fall three years earlier.

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