Has anyone else seen a decaying deer just off the roadway on Highway 123 Bypass just southeast of Nolte Farms Road entrance? Certainly a number of folks living in that housing area must have become concerned enough to notify authorities so it could be picked up.

If not, certainly city officer, county deputies or DPS troopers on patrol must have seen it and reported it.

That deer is now just skin and bones and no effort has been made to get it out of the eyes children and others, like myself, who are concerned about viewing it on a daily basis.

I’m told by a Seguin PD dispatcher that TxDOT is responsible for picking up the animals at their location. Another deer carcass is just north of the RV park at the Guadalupe River Bridge.

Someone is not doing their job and its about time someone looked into a proper way to handle this problem.

Richard P. Thivierge, Seguin

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Though unpleasant to view, those carcasses are a reminder that wildlife is present, and that drivers need to exercise greater caution when approaching those locations.
I recall a time when animals killed by cars were being picked up by highway maintenance crews, and that it was being cut-back due to the time, cost, and concern for crew safety.


There was a time when the City of Seguin Animal Control would pick up all animals hit and killed on the roadways in the City Limits. But I guess times have changed and the best you can hope for is decay or scavengers to remedy the situation. After all with a 3 million dollar new facility Animal Control has an Elite Image to uphold and must work to adopt everything that comes in the doors. Not much call for doing the dirty work these days. Times have changed.

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