The sense of community that our community is known for shined again with the recent resolutions of concern for the protection of the lakes that are part of the identity of our community, and for the protection of the wellbeing of those who would be impacted and harmed.

Much as the body of Christ, where each one counts, our community is the same. The welfare of everyone is important. The suffering of the residents who own property on the lakes is a concern for the entire community.

If the reservoirs had been constructed in a remote unpopulated area, the consideration of harm to the community would not be a factor. But it really is. Decisions by GBRA cannot be taken without regard to the harm to the community. I knew of the goodness of Mr. Bill West, former GBRA manager. I am confident that he would have taken into consideration the welfare of people.

Especially at this time, when there is not yet in place a commitment nor a feasible plan for a solution that takes into consideration avoiding harm to people, our community is united in concern.

I am grateful to those who are working hard to protect people from harm. May their efforts be blessed. The protection from harm to people would also result in the protection of the economy of our community.

It is obviously important to protect from harm the economy of our area, which is presently stable based on the strength of the existing economic balance and inter-dependences. Every part of the economy of our area is important. It is part of the whole, it matters to all.

The last thing we need is an economic man-made disaster.

Gloria Rivera, Seguin

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When the Lakes were constructed it was virtually unpopulated in the area.


It seems as though the following stages of Guadalupe River development involved disconnected efforts which contributed to the current problem between GBRA and lakefront property owners. It would be normal to expect that in the past/future development would require the involvement and permission of state government.

1, These lakes appear to be a coincidence of entrepreneurial effort to dam the river to create hydroelectric power. It is unclear whether the lakes were ever considered reservoirs, or that the dams were intended to provide flood control.

2. Investors acted upon the economic opportunity to develop lakefront properties surrounding the lakes. Property owners are unfortunate victims of what might be described as a series of circumstances, without the benefit of any contingency planning.

3. The Texas Legislature created the GBRA and LCRA, providing unbridled authority to ensure the future availability of water via the respective waterways. No such state agency should be allowed to operate without official oversight and accountability.

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