Just as we are responsible for providing educational opportunities for our students and teachers, your Seguin ISD board of trustees also participates in and benefits from educational training opportunities.

Since the spring, trustees have participated in several eXceptional Governance (XG) training sessions hosted by the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB). XG is a research-informed development program designed to develop the whole board. Comprised of five or six training sessions, XG can take six to 12 months and helps trustees build skills to support improved student learning.  Each of the five sessions works to shape perspectives and build a governance structure that provides ongoing support for student learning. The goal of the team’s effort is a continuous improvement process that tirelessly seeks to improve education for Seguin ISD students.

Ultimately, the end result of XG is to help board members:

1. Commit to a shared vision with high expectations for students and staff

2. Focus on understanding data to monitor and make governance decisions

3. Apply a goal-monitoring system to improve focus

4. Share a common understanding of and commitment to ongoing improvement

5. Develop common messages that support relentless focus on student learning outcomes

6. Communicate the goals and expectations for the board and district with the community

As elected trustees our roles are defined by policy, yet it is important that we work collaboratively with the district to support and promote the overall educational experience for each Seguin ISD student. It is imperative that our work aligns with that of the administration and teaching staff.

We have a solid strategic plan in place to serve as our road map. With that, the board, like administrators and educators, can analyze data, measure success, and follow the same parameters designed to foster continuous improvement.

Throughout the process Dr. Gutierrez and his leadership team have attended the training sessions. This unbridled pairing has proven useful in building relationships, sharing ideas and collaborating to ensure that all are working in the same direction.

Our next Team of Eight XG training session is Tuesday, July 23, 6 p.m. at the Seguin ISD Administration Office. The meeting is open to the public and will last approximately three hours. Stakeholders are welcome to attend all or part of the training to learn more about the XG program.

Cinde Thomas-Jiminez is the president of the Seguin ISD School board.

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