The beautiful lakes in our area are part of the identity of the community, because they have been in place for about 90 years. GBRA bought them around the 1960’s, according to the news.  

The value of the properties with lake front and their taxes constitute an important economic base for the community. The property papers that support the legal rights of property owners with access to the lakes, and assess taxes, are probably based on the assumption that the lakes are permanent. 

However, the lakes are man made, and are dependent on the maintenance of the storage dams. I read that the lifespan of dams can be 100 years or more, depending on the proper

maintenance to ensure safety. If this maintenance is not adequate, safety is the issue and determines the end of the life span of the dam. The lifespan of a dam is extended with proper maintenance. Now that GBRA asserts that safety is an issue, and that their plan is dewater the lakes without a replacement project in place, this is unwelcome news, especially because property owners and County authorities were probably not informed that this was coming.  

It would be wonderful to have a replacement project in place so that the property owners can be assured that their property will continue to have lakefront access, and the community economics would continue as now.

Having lakefront access in a property for 90 years results in a very strong attachment to the lakes, which are beautiful and worth fighting for. People have paid their taxes.

I am glad there is an effort going on to save the lakes. May their efforts be blessed. May a workable solution be found. GBRA has the know-how of how to produce the needed replacement project.

Gloria Rivera, Seguin

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