In nine months, citizens of the U. S. will face a daunting task: the election of a president. Regardless of your political party affiliation, it is critical that you do your duty. Register to vote, vote early, or vote on election day. I strongly urge you to do your research about the candidates and act accordingly.

I am very concerned about those of us who pull a straight party ticket, or those who don’t think about this important decision, or refuse to vote, or listen to celebrities, actors, or the media to make the final choice of candidates. While it is sad that we seem to often “choose the lesser of two evils”, we must do this to be a part of a democracy.

While I am a registered voter, I seldom, if ever, pull a straight party ticket. I examine the candidates, and vote for the person I feel will best serve our nation.

It is also critical that we as a nation try to move away from listening to the media. It seems that too many elected officials have forgotten that they are in office to serve the people who elected them.

It is past time for all elected officials to forget their party allegiance, and work together to resolve the many problems facing the nation — health care, jobs, education, aging infrastructure, immigration reform and many others.

I strongly encourage you to vote on Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2020. Regardless of the outcome, you will have participated in arguably the most important process that you as an individual can do in a democracy.

David Qualls, Seguin

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Like many I am sure, I applaud your Letter and hope that people will indeed come out, get educated and vote.

The one point that you made Mr. Qualls resonates most with me, and that is your statements regarding ‘Party’. Like you, I very seldom if ever vote a straight ticket, and find that many do so due to laziness, ignorance of the candidates or because they are driven to ‘stick with a side’.

I personally believe that ‘slate voting’ should be illegal, that it should simply not be allowed. It is a transgression against that which the Founders believed and, if they were here to observe it, they would be horrified. When my children became eligible to vote, I instructed them to gain a clear understanding of who they were voting for and, if they did not have that when ‘pulling the lever’, simply don’t.

As Mr. Qualls stated, study the candidates, ensure the ones you vote for will act in your best interests and not their party, and VOTE!


I can agree with not voting a straight ticket, but learning the truth regarding individual candidate qualifications has become increasingly difficult. Two factors get in the way. The first, as evidenced by the current Democratic debates, is that candidates will promise anything to get the vote. Secondly, once elected, even moderate appearing candidates have difficulty in opposing the dictates of their respective political parties.

Normally, the best indicator of candidate qualifications would be related to past performance. The problem is that many candidates have little relevant evidence to provide.

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