I am rejoicing with the happy news that there will not be any cut in Library funding by Judge (Kyle) Kustscher and the County Commissioners Court. They made the decision to continue the funding to the Seguin Public Library at the same level as last year.

The Sunday Aug. 11 edition of the Gazette offered a thorough and wonderful article about the funding cut under consideration and informed the population about the Aug. 12 Commissioners Court workshop to discuss it.

I attended and was pleasantly surprised by Judge Kutscher’s recommendation that the funding be kept at the previous level. At the same time, he would like that the library, the city and the county would come up with a funding plan arrived to in mutual agreement, working together, and in mutual understanding.

I want to thank Judge Kutscher and the commissioners court, for making this decision. In my opinion, this decision makes the statement that education is important in Guadalupe County. It also makes the statement that the voices of the citizens are heard.

Thanks to library supporters, for writing letters to the editor and for taking time to express concern and support for the library to Judge Kutscher and the county commissioners. It is wonderful to witness the degree of support that there is for the Seguin Pubic Library.

Thanks also to the Seguin Gazette and its Managing Editor Felicia Frazar for all the support to the library and the multiple ways in which it blesses the population.

Finally, thanks to Jacki Gross, library director, and to the Seguin Library staff for providing wonderful programs and offerings free of charge to the population in Seguin and in Guadalupe County.

We are indeed blessed to have a wonderful Seguin Public Library!

Gloria Rivera, Seguin

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