God called ALL His angels, tears flowing from His eyes.

“I know the second they are born and the moment each one dies.

“Almighty though I know I am, my children call My name.”

“Dear God, look after Daddy!”

“God, did Mommy make it down?”


“On You I place the blame!”

He greets the souls, a breath before,

who just cried out their last implore.

No more fear nor pain ~ His children made whole once more.

They run to loved ones they said good-bye to MANY years ago.

Still, with a “not so strange sensation,” it seems they never let them go.

While Heaven is rejoicing, all Hell on earth breaks free.

People shoving pictures of loved ones crying “Please God, bring them back to me.”

Shouting from the rumble, someone’s crying out a plea.

The pleas go on forever as the chaos closes in.

So many walking aimlessly, knowing not where to begin.

We are “The Land of The Free and the Home of The Brave.”

Standing with our loved ones, some kneel by a makeshift grave.

How long will it take before once again we can sing those words with pride?

How simple life seemed yesterday. Too many feel the urge to flee & hide.

Years have passed and still we pause to listen to the names.

Evil lurks each way we turn, yet STILL we fan a not so peaceful flame.

“Dear God, please tell my Daddy that my baby has his eyes.”

“Dear Mommy, all the kids are grown. We still think of you & cry.”

Sometimes I watch the battles flare with those we call our own.

My heart breaks in the chaos that we willfully have grown.

How sad this seems so normal in a country filled with hate.

“We Will Never Forget” ~ It seems at times those words have somehow become our fate.

Elfie Felker McMurren, Seguin

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