I’ve practiced before Judge Old since just after he took the oath to serve these four counties.

He has always shown respect to everyone before him. He has also been very careful to make the right calls, rather than just the popular ones. I’ve had plenty of rulings go against me, but I have never felt like it was for anything other than the right reason.

I’ve seen Judge Old overrule himself once because he was shown why that was the right thing to do (only once, because he takes the time and care to be right the first time). I’ve been practicing just shy of 10 years, and in front of dozens of judges. That is something we rarely see.

He is tough when he needs to be, compassionate when that’s the right way to be, and you know that no matter what, you will walk out of his courtroom with the right ruling — whether you win or lose.

We are at the end stages of this election.

I urge you all in Guadalupe, Gonzales, Lavaca and Colorado Counties to go vote for Judge Old. He’s the judge we NEED watching over us. He WILL do justice, even when it’s inconvenient or hard.

Jonathan Fischer, Seguin

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