The ‘House of Representatives’ [The ‘Population Sensitive’ Arm of our Government] that has NOT BEEN UPDATED in over 100 years!

Originally, we were to have One Representative per 50,000 People. It has not been Upgraded since 1911 when we went from 391 to 435 Representatives. (A Population of 21.8 Million People *** We now exceed 328 Million People — 15 Times the People — Which Means, that only 1 of 15 people, ARE Represented in the House)

BUT.. With “QUEEN” Pelosi, REFUSING to allow the other 434 Member to Vote, She Has Become, ‘TOTAL SOVEREIGN’ Over the ‘House’ And their Vote DOESN’T Count! [We Certainly don’t need them IF their Voted Doesn’t Count!]

Number of Representatives REQUIRED should be 328,000,000 Divided by 50,000 people is over ‘6,500 NEEDED Representatives’, according to the 50,000 Rule. At EACH Census, that number should be upgraded. These Numbers Show that ONLY ABOUT 15% of the Population is ‘Being Represented’ – WHICH MEANS 85% of the Nations is WITHOUT Representation by the ‘House of Representatives’.

BOTTOM LINE: We have gone from a ‘Republic’ Constitution & Pledge – TO – a Democracy, With a Socialist & Muslim Element [the Democracy and Socialist REQUIRING ‘One Person, One Vote’ - BUT Muslims Claim NO ALLEGIANCE to America, as they Consider Americans, AS ‘Imbeciles’ and should be Destroyed. WOW! Whose American Representatives are THEY?]

And Finally TO — a Monarchy by “Queen” Pelosi.

[Absolute Sovereign over the ‘House’ with, NO VOTE, by ANYONE! And, A Complete Disregard for our Constitution, it’s President and it’s People. ]

Marshall Harris, Seguin

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A good post, which pretty well describes the electorate's feeling about government representation today!

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