Shaking his head, Pat asked my daughter how she put up with me. Without missing a beat, she fired back at him, “I’ve had years of practice!” I, too, have had years of practice — at sinning. “Practice makes perfect.” Ergo, I do a bang up job of it. I don’t miss a beat either – i.e., I breathe, I sin. My sins are matter-of-fact, even premeditated and formidable.

The group Chicago sings, “I’m getting stronger every day.” I froze when a commercial touted “Women get stronger with age.” These 2 don’t know me! One meaning for “Valerie” is “strong.” What were my parents thinking?! I’m neither exaggerating nor denigrating myself. It’s just how the cow eats the cabbage.

I did learn in Confirmation, however, I’m strong, Satan is stronger, but, God is the strongest. He has had years of practicing as well — forgiving me. He doesn’t deserve me even though He daily (truly) hears “thank you” & “I’m sorry” from me. I certainly don’t deserve Him! That grace He lavishes on me cost Him aplenty! One wouldn’t believe it watching me.

When my son stopped by after work, I offered him the queso I was eating. He wouldn’t come near the couch saying, “Look at me. I’m filthy”. So, I simply took the TV tray to him. God knows how filthy I am, too, yet He comes to me (even stays, I might add!). He knows I’ve had years of getting it wrong, but He still practices His years of forgiving.

Valerie Doerfler, Seguin

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