Milestones are monumental. However, such milestones like turning 30, menopause, Medicare, didn’t faze me. Yet, the one I’m reaching this month has my attention! It deserves to be called monumental by me. It fills me with great sadness and joy!

Twenty five years ago — 6 days before my birthday — my “brain blew up.” Though it was a game changer, I had told my mom it just never occurred to me to ask God “why?”. She echoed that.

Much later I would admit to my father it was still hard to walk, talk, write, etc. He was so matter-of-fact, yet fervid, when he quickly responded, “You get on your knees and thank the good Lord you can do it at all.” I assured him I did. John said I was a miracle. Facetiously, I spouted off to him I was, indeed, a wonder. The Seven Wonders of the World are nice, but how I walk this Earth is mind-boggling!

Nevertheless, no one is better than I. Likewise, I am no more a miracle than anyone. The same God who created and sustains me, is the same God who created and sustains all! He died for this sorry “sack of excrement” as surely as He died for you. That’s a miracle. It’s a monumental milestone for me as well.

Valerie Doerfler, Seguin

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