Like many others from leaders on down, I love the folk of this town — Trumpsters and all —and this wonderful part of the world.

On the other hand ... sometimes when I see all the plastic trash and pollution in our city & environs ... “Gosh, I hate this town.”

Yesterday at our weekly gathering of Creekside Poets at the Seguin Library after a Lenten prompt of “Give It Up,” I began my poem.

“’Tuesday, I saw grocery cart after grocery cart after grocery cart after grocery cart …

of white plastic bags

roll out of HEB, Seguin, Texas.

(It was on a Tuesday, 

but it could have been any day.)”


Time is way past due for Seguin area politicians and political entities and bureaucrats, service clubs and other clubs and organizations, businesses — including and especially H-E-B! — teachers and preachers, students and the public as a whole to step up to the plate and help to realize the banning of most plastics, especially so-called disposable plastics.

Paul B. Martin, Seguin

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Mr. Martin makes a plea that for many of us is a logical and needed change; the elimination of as many single use plastics, starting with the ‘grocery bag’.

One of the major problems in doing so is alternatives.

Plastic bags were designed in the late 1950’s, introduced to us Americans in the late 1970’s as a replacement for bags, another bad product that people wanted to find an alternative to due to the fact that we were cutting down trees faster than nature could keep up. And, as not mentioned very often, paper mills are one of the most environmentally worst places around.

Hence the problem; toxic product vs.........toxic product.

Having worked in Africa for the past 13 years, I’ve watched the pollution there, with single use plastics by far the leading materials floating in the water and on the beaches. Maybe to find an answer, we need to actually subscribe to several.

1. Make all single use products subject to a tax to finance its recycling.

2. Reinstitute the ‘returnable’ label at a national level for specific items (bottles) as we had for glass beginning in 2021 - 25 cents / 35 cents.

3. Mandate all single use plastics be biodegradable b 2035, with no exceptions, proven with no toxins remaining.

If the fact that they found a plastic bag in the Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench at 35,853 feet down (almost 7 miles down) does not worry you, it should.

We need tp take some concrete action now, but regardless of others, do your part and reduce your ‘plastic footprint’.


I long for simpler days when you had to pay for porn and water was free!

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