Ay Dios Mio! Shirley Hester, Oh my God! Did you really write “you people” on your recent Letter to the Editor? The letter you wrote giving your opinion on the Aumont mural.

Please define “you people”. Do you mean the organization of citizens protesting the depiction on the mural? Do you mean the 54% of the people living in Seguin who are of Hispanic origin? Or do you mean 40% of the State of Texas who are of Hispanic origin?

One of your claims to fame is that you were the first woman elected as a county commissioner. But you forget that not only did you want the “you people” vote, you needed the “you people” vote to win.

Your opinion, as you stated, was to have the mural in a more visible location. Well “you people” have an opinion as well. I am willing to bet that “you people” are willing to respect your opinion, whether “you people” like it or not, as long as you respect theirs, whether you like it or not.

The historical fact is that the Texas Rangers did abuse, harass, murder and hang many innocent citizens, especially those of Hispanic origin. Their legacy is not as honorable as you would like it to be remembered. Besides, the Texas Rangers may have settled in the area but it took many people, many cultures, many actions and activities to get Seguin to the point it is now. Untold histories included.

We live in a wonderful multi-cultural country with many great achievements coming from them all. We should be educated enough to understand that.

When you were “Citizen of the Day” in the KWED Daily News, they asked you, “What message do you have for the residents of Seguin?” You answered, “Keep caring for your neighbors.” Well, you are off to a great start. Besides it never should be “you people” it should always be “We the People!” If we want to survive as a country.

Rene Ramos, Schertz

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