Dr. Pepper had an ad that touted, “I’m a Pepper; he’s a Pepper…wouldn’t you like to be a Pepper, too?” Well, I avow, “I’m a turkey; he’s a turkey; wouldn’t you like to be a turkey, too?” I say that neither to mock nor wound. That assertion reminds me of being God’s turkey.

Every Thanksgiving the president pardons a turkey. That action is saying the turkey won’t die. It won’t be subject to one’s voracious appetite on Thanksgiving. Jesus decreed that long before our frivolous tradition began.

His death and resurrection told us, “You don’t have to die. Claim my pardon. Satan may sniff around on you, but he won’t devour you.” In all sincerity, I succumb to Satan with my every breath! Yet, God won’t allow him to consume me because I’m God’s turkey – the one He pardoned (and the one who claims that pardon.)

So, I feel neither mocked nor wounded (rather, happy) if dubbed a turkey. God has pardoned me. It is He who consumes me.

Valerie Doerfler, Seguin

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