Governor Abbott,

Your silence on the planned “de-watering” of the Lower Guadalupe Lakes System is hurtful.

GBRA GM and CEO Kevin Patteson’s plan to “de-water” the lakes is draconian. I am disheartened that you have not vocalized disappointment and rebuked this appointee for the abuse of his office. So many of your voters and supporters here are perplexed about your silence and refusal to step in and govern on this issue. I sent a certified letter to your office on Aug. 19 concerning this issue. I have reached out to your office and several state offices and officials as well. We are simply asking for a stall on this plan so we can devise a practical solution to ensure the economic welfare of our city and community. GBRA board members are not even on record as to their opinion on this major decision that will have long lasting and serious detrimental effects on this region. Mr. Patteson flatly refused plans to address this issue with our local elected officials.

This is not the Texas way.

This situation desperately requires your intervention. I respectfully ask you to help us here. What is happening is wrong. The board and management of GBRA have lost their way. This in NOT how things are done in this great state. Texas has adopted me and I have adopted Texas. I have been a strong supporter of yours. Please don’t disappoint us here in Guadalupe County and beyond. We need your help.

Lauren Smith, Seguin

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