“Gutierrez to Stay in Seguin.” He likes us, he really likes us.

The Seguin Daily News story says the school board president was the first one to reach out to Dr. Gutierrez to see if he had a change of heart. I hope the rest of the school board members were in agreement. And if they were all in consensus, I wonder when they reached that decision. Please don’t tell me they offered him more money. I wonder if he is going to reimburse the district for the money they have already paid the search firm.

Having said all that, the children of the district need consistency, especially during this difficult time of COVID-19. So, I am glad he is staying. I hope and pray he re-dedicates himself to the students of SISD and the difficult yet rewarding task of educating ALL our children.

On the alleged personal threats and negativity. Come on Seguin, we’re better than that. Criticize his philosophy, challenge his approach toward educating your children but don’t make it personal. And by all means respect the sanctity of his home. Remember, the measure you use to judge a person will be the same measure that will be used to judge you. Want better education in Seguin? Get involved.

Dr. Gutierrez, as for the negativity, I’m sorry but it comes with the territory. Not everything you say or do is great or readily accepted. There’s always going to be some challenges to your decisions. Why? Because it’s OUR children.

The personal threats I absolutely do not condone. But criticism on your job performance is, as I said, part of the job. That’s why every decision is important, every action critical. Give then all great thought before moving forward. Keep ALL children, ALL families in mind when you lead SISD and remember, actions speak louder than words. How else do people put that, oh yeah, walk the talk! Good luck.

Seguin parents, help your children. Make sure they are getting their education while home during this scary pandemic.

God Bless.

Rene Ramos, Schertz

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Agree with sentiments, especially those associated with threatening Mr. Gutierrez in any way whatsoever. Those individuals should be located, detained and prosecuted to the maximum extent of the law. We do not allow our public officer’s or servants to be threatened or harassed, it’s simply not to be tolerated.

As to this gentleman's retention in his current position, I must disagree. We have had several disappointing years since removing the problem people on the Board, and Mr. Gutierrez has not been able to deliver on one of our core requirements; the score card. Though we, the taxpayers, have been talked into new schools, playground equipment, etc., there has been no improvement in our overall placement within the tri-county area; everyone is doing better than we are, bar none.

For the money expended over the tenure of the current administration, I would have expected us to at least have gained parity with someone, anyone! But no, we continue to languish at the proverbial bottom.

We need a new version, or maybe a return to an older version, of the educational system that provided us with solid results. Here’s an idea, how about a 6 year plan starting with the students at the Elementary level, moving to affect the High School levels in the future? This would be part of a 3 pronged approach to improving the scores, which are merely a reflection of the majority of the students mental retention. how about becoming more of an Center for Education and less of a babysitting service.

Come on Board, it’s not time to be nice or generous, it’s time to be pointed and demanding.

“You’re spending my money in ever increasing amounts, now give me what I’m paying for!”

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