While it’s good to see diverse views and historical facts on the Seguin Gazette’s editorial page, self-described liberal activist and Democrat J.C. Dufresne broke new ground for the Gazette on Aug. 9, 2019, when he wrote that if Republican voters “don’t repudiate President Trump and his enablers at the ballot box, they are in fact supporting them just like good little Nazis.”

Dufresne’s Nazi accusation is routine for leftists these days, so I’m not surprised that he holds this perverse belief. What’s surprising is that the Seguin Gazette published his column that suggested a substantial number of its readers are “just like good little Nazis,” particularly since 63.8% of the voters of Guadalupe County voted for President Trump in 2016.

Newspapers should not publish ad hominem, libelous attacks. When I was the science columnist for the San Antonio Express-News, I was required to sign a contract that prohibited libelous and injurious content. I respectfully suggest that the Gazette institute a similar policy for its columnists. Meanwhile, the Gazette and Dufresne owe their readers an apology.

Forrest Mims III, Seguin

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