Now is the time to act before it’s too late. The mayor of San Antonio, Ron Nirenberg, Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush, and the San Antonio City Council have been pushing through their agenda to make many changes at the Alamo.

There are many repairs that need to be made on the Alamo and the Cenotaph which stands in the front of the Alamo.

The Cenotaph was commissioned by a great Italian sculptor, Coppini and completed in the late 1930’s to commemorate the Texas Centennial. It was placed in the footprint of the place where many of the Alamo defenders died fighting for Texas independence. The sculptor positioned the statue in this place with great detail.

Now the planners are wanting to move this statue 500 feet to the area of the old Band Stand. One of the reasons that the site in the Alamo garrison was not chosen was because it had been the site of a latrine.

The planners also want to rotate the Cenotaph 180 degrees to face towards Mexico. I have attended meetings of the Historical Design and Review Committee on both Dec. 4 and Dec. 18, and the overwhelming testimony of many loyal Texans fell on deaf ears of many of the committee members who answer to the mayor and city council of San Antonio.

This move could possibly cause irreparable damage to the statue. The Re-lmagine Alamo plan is going to cost the state of Texas millions of tax dollars.

There will be no more Alamo Plaza as we know it. There will also be unnecessary adjustments made along with some that are needed. Entrance to the shrine will be through a controlled entrance.

This is the Alamo, Texas’ most sacred shrine. I need to ask all loyal Texans to contact the governor’s office, 512-463-2000. Let our State Rep. John Kuempel, 512-463-0602 or 830- 379-8732, know how you feel about this important issue.

Always remember to “Remember the Alamo” before we HAVE to remember the Alamo.

Allen Gescheicke,


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