I was sadly amused to see how Byron York’s column, where he asserted that there was a weakening of traditional standards of argument and proof, started with a lie. 

In regards to the charge of whether the Trump campaign conspired with Russia, Mr. York stated that “It didn’t,” a statement he cannot make truthfully. 

What he could have said honestly is that there was not enough proof to make that charge and make a case. But he didn’t say that.

This is where the true weakening of traditional standards has occurred, in taking the truth and twisting it so that it fits someone’s agenda.

President Trump is the one mostly to blame for the scrutiny being put on him, with his lies and exaggerations reaching an almost pathological level.

I noticed Mr. York didn’t mention the 34 indictments, with 7 convictions to date, from the investigation, a number of which were for lying to the authorities.

I believe “the unfortunate effects of the Trump-Russia investigation” were not what York is trying to describe, but in finding out how so much corruption has surrounded this administration while people are trying to look the other way.

Raymond Herrera Jr., Seguin

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