My name is Bob Rasmussen. I am 73 years old and live on a small piece of land between Nixon and Seguin.

I was doing business with the people in Garcia's Wrecking Service off the Interstate 10 access road on Wednesday morning June 26, 2019. I stupidly left my wallet on top of my car when I left Garcia's and accelerated to gain access to the new three-lane I-10 frontage road and subsequently I-10 itself.

Unbeknownst to me, the wallet flew off my car and landed in the middle of the frontage road with cars driving 60 mph or more to gain access to I-10. One hour later in San Antonio, I tried to buy gasoline and discovered that my wallet was missing. I called Garcia's and they checked the parking lot and the frontage road but found nothing.

I returned two hours later and did my own walking search to no avail. I immediately started canceling credit and debit cards and began pondering the time and effort it would take to replace my driver's license, military ID card and medical insurance cards that I carried for myself, my wife, and her 92-year old aunt. It was not a good day.

Late in the day, Roger Hurt, the assistant director for Guadalupe County Road & Bridge, visited my house and gave my wallet to my son. He refused any monetary award for himself or for Kevin Reiger, the individual that rolled over the wallet in his pickup truck and completed a three-mile turn-around to retrieve my wallet and its scattered contents.

Roger felt a thud when he rolled over the wallet and he saw some dollars as he looked through his rear view mirror. He knew immediately it was someone's wallet, and he personally knew the grief of trying to replace a wallet's contents.

He told me later, "He was just trying to do what was right." He refused any financial reward.

I was really moved by the experience. With everything seeming to be going side ways in a world looking for fault and easy wealth, it made my day to find some genuine “GOODNESS.”

THANK YOU ROGER HURT AND KEVIN REIGER for being a light for a kinder and better world.  

Bob Rasmussen, Seguin

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geronimo creek geek

Good guys doing good things!


Yes, ethical people most often do the "right things", which why they are "good"!

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