It is beginning to look like 2020 is the year Russian Leader Nikita Khrushchev was talking about, in the late 1950’s, when he said that they [the Communist] would rule over our grandchildren. The “Greatest Generation” is gone and their grandchildren have “no idea” what a “great inheritance of freedom” was left to them. Time to say, “They NEVER knew what they had, until they LOST it.”

As we see daily, less than 2% activism can control 98% of the pacifistic.

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The sad part is that there are so many of our fellow citizens who are ignorant or unable to recognize where they are taking us. The ‘collective’ approach will bring about a new era of historical revisionism and personal rights elimination, pared with an economic guaranteed to beggar my grandchildren.

People need to read more, else they will indeed find themselves in Animal Farm and 1984......


We have many more "silent" patriots than pacifists. Our republic is not going anywhere. At some point, they will no longer be silent.

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