Dear Gazette “Santa”

I wanted to send you my “all I want for Christmas” letter early.

I’m probably not the only senior (and/or) subscriber that has this Christmas wish!

Here it is: Please return our TV schedule back to the way it was. Everyday together in a once/weeksection. It was so nice.

Maybe “Santa” can put this on his list … Or, for a Happy New Year.

Sharon Warden, Seguin

Editor Santa’s Note: While we understand that many readers would prefer the television schedules grouped together, how people watch television has changed. That, paired with the proliferation of digital channel guides, has made advertisers unwilling to participate in the type of television section that used to appear in newspapers across the country. We will always explore opportunities to bring back things that readers enjoy, but the numbers involved here make it tough sledding — even for magical reindeer.

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