“Is that all there is?” That song could easily be the query for many about Christmas busyness (and its aftermath). I’d answer, “certainly not.”

I’m pretty much a Hallmark Channel aficionada. Their Christmas movies have had a recurring theme. Indeed, sometimes the actors even spoke the theme: “Christmas is about family, friends, magic, finding love”. Ugh. I may have liked the movie, but my eyes rolled when that was uttered! If I really embraced such rhetoric, I’d surely be in the pool of holiday depressed people! After all, that might be bad memories for some, or they can’t be with them. Maybe some aren’t wanted around, or simply don’t exist. So, unwelcome, unattainable, vague and transient. I’m not a “Bible banger,” but even my naiveté stirs to claim, “That’s not all there is.” Hallmark’s (many folks’) ideas are nice, but they’re trappings; “foo foo.”

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