Thanksgiving isn’t for one day, just as turkeys aren’t eaten on one day.

“My cup runneth over” every day!

I’m ashamed when I have “first world problems!”

Before eating, my father would always ask me if we had prayed.

Though I knew we had, I told him we can never thank God too much. So, yep, we prayed again.

It had been quite some time after my head “blew up” when I told him it was still hard to talk, walk, write, etc.

Passionately, he said, “Get on your knees and thank the good Lord you can do it at all!”

(I assured him I did).

I have a stone that touts: “There is always, always, always something to be thankful for.”

That includes being thankful I’m a turkey.

Don’t be smug. You’re one as well. Keep reading before you deem this accusation absurd.

Every year the president pardons a turkey. He spares it from being devoured. Jesus did that long before our frivolous tradition began. His death and resurrection spared us — His children — from being devoured by Satan.

Unquestionably, every second Satan nips at my heels like a bad puppy and I succumb to him with my every breath.

However, God won’t allow him to consume me because I’m God’s turkey — the one He pardoned.

So, thanks and turkeys aren’t just for Thanksgiving. Both will continue after Nov. 22.

Valerie Doerfler, Seguin

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