A while back, I had the pleasant daily task of picking a granddaughter up from kindergarten. One day near the end of the year, before she was 6 years old, we caught a red light on the way home. I expressed a little dissatisfaction and asked her if she thought red lights were good or bad. She thought briefly and answered, “Good.” I asked, “Why?” She then replied, “Without them, we would have more wrecks.”

In minutes, she had grasped the idea that a freedom involving two or more people may need enhancing restrictions.

It seems to me that elected officials, not bureaucrats making uneducated guesses, are making decisions to have some restrictions to our freedoms to enhance some freedoms for all of us.

The phrase “Congress shall pass no law abridging the right of citizens to catch, keep and spread a highly contagious disease” is not in the Constitution nor Bill of Rights.

Surely we can calm our fears and suspicions and find the best way through this.

James Leissner, Seguin

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