About ten years ago, on November 22,2008 I was flown to the S. W. Texas Methodist Hospital in San Antonio. I was gravely ill and in a coma.

Upon my dismissal from the Methodist (42 days later) I was driven by ambulance to the rehabilitation unit at Guadalupe Regional Medical Center.

I had no idea that I would receive the best care possible. It was here that I would learn to think, walk and talk again.

Carole and Tim helped me so much. They got me walking and moving around and I will always be grateful for their hard work.

Another therapist that assisted me was Clancy. She was able to get me to talk again. She challenged me at every session.

Upon my dismissal from the hospital, I was ready for outpatient therapy, where I experienced the same professional and dedicated treatment as well.

I was happy to see Clancy again to continue assisting me with speech therapy and work with Ingrid to continue with my physical therapy.

Ingrid was especially challenging with my physical therapy. She had me going up and down the stairs, in and out of hand rails, and even “climbing” atop the decorative rocks outside the Wellness center. Now every time that I go to continue my self-imposed physical therapy, I am reminded of the “climb” and smile to myself when I’m inside walking on the treadmill.

I also received occupational therapy from Deann who gave me the opportunity to relate the skills that I used at work before the tumor and assisted me with all the possibilities that I could focus on, once I completed all of my rehabilitation.

After a month or so, I was pleasantly surprised by the invitation to attend a stroke support group that had recently been initiated at GRMC. We all needed assistance of some sort and we were all provided with much needed support from the group members as well as all of the hospital staff.

A special thanks to Jeannie, a speech therapist and leader of our stroke support group.

Susie M. Castillo, Seguin

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