He’s always telling me “we’re cut from the same cloth.” Pfft, it’s really more like we’re silk and muslin.

I’m not a (civic or church) “doer” anymore. I’m not cut from their cloth either. Thank God He has them! I’m a shadow dweller; a “Mary” instead of a “Martha.” God loves me in spite of my sloth (idiocy and culpableness as well). Ergo, I must be here to give people hope.

I make people look good (I’m just the wrong yardstick to use). A piece of cloth is comprised of many threads of which I’m one. Many folks are better off than I, but that doesn’t make them better! We all wallow in the same mud puddle. It’s level ground at the foot of the cross!

When I learned Cathy was a mentor, I said I’d love to do that. Alas, I show people what NOT to do. (So too, I don’t have a church decal on my car, lest I deter someone from God, much less even a church). Unquestionably, I’m one of those “do as I say, not as I do!”

It’s hard to believe I’m “in His [God’s] image,” but he’s actually in me as surely as my heart beats within my chest. In the 60’s (?) I heard the phrase “God don’t make no junk.” So, you and I may not be of the same cloth, but silk and muslin are both lustrous fabrics.

Valerie Doerfler, Seguin

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