I always enjoy reading Forrest Mims III’s commentary, mostly because it usually gets me to research the topics he has chosen to discuss. I do it with the intent of learning something, whether it is to validate what he has written, or to confirm my disagreements with it.

Three things stood out to me in Mr. Mims’ commentary on JC Dufresne’s column on the Green New Deal (GND).

First, he appears to imply that the US would be alone in fighting climate change causes, asking Mr. Dufresne to explain how that could be done. I am sure Mr. Mims knows that other countries are making efforts to curb pollutants that contribute to this problem, but as one of its biggest polluters, shouldn’t the US be a leader in this? And what is the alternative, to do nothing?

Another comment that Mr. Mims’ made that I question was on how he could take a climate resolution that includes/incorporates social development and compares it to what has happened in “Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua”? I have read how the GND is a high first bid, with lofty goals to improve our nation. Doesn’t he agree that the social programs of Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, the G.I. Bill, to name a few, have not ruined our country?

And finally, he complained that Mr Dufresne did not include the biases of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, while showing his own bias to the polluters. Mr. Mims does this by lamenting “the killing of the Texas oil and gas industry”. Shouldn’t we try to find answers to problems without the bottom line always being money, and not our welfare?

I wonder which side he took when the tobacco industry was fighting for their businesses, with lies and deceit, to the detriment of the people? And what does he think about the south’s claim that the emancipation of their slaves would destroy their livelihoods, should slavery have been upheld for financial gain?

Oh, I’ve chosen to not give credence to Mr. Mims’ ill conceived notion that Democrats are baby killers by not commenting on it.

Raymond Herrera Jr., Seguin

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Mr. Herrera - You are free to believe in anything. I also research the Internet to learn more about subjects. The fact is that there is more partisan rhetoric and propaganda than unbiased information available today. Researching a topic is more than accepting only that which supports what we wish to believe. I choose to heed what Mr. Mims says, supported by his scientific testing, versus a raving immature-acting politician.

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