“Can anything good come out of [politics]?” It’s a necessary evil and I know it will continue after Super Tuesday (to be sure, for the rest of my life). Once I was enmeshed in politics, even campaigning. “The Desiderata” (“avoid loud and aggressive persons…”) was popular when I was a teen.

It must have stuck because now I don’t even watch a debate. Yet, I accidentally watched one. When one politician chided a fellow debater for that one’s supporters, I froze slack-jawed.

Jesus scolded His own supporters (disciples) from doubting to violence (they weren’t to worry about a storm and certainly not cut off someone’s ear). I’m not any better than they. Indeed, I exhaust Him!

Some of His followers today are unapproachable or judgmental. Then, I show one what NOT to do. I’m here to make people look good (I’m just the wrong yardstick to use).

Folks have hope thinking, “I’m not so bad. Look at her.” (I, too, have hope those same folks will see their “other three fingers pointing back at [them]”). So, please, don’t reject Jesus because of me either! I don’t reject all politicians by what I saw/see. “Test the (other) spirits”.

If something good can come out of politics, it will undoubtedly come out of Jesus as well. His platform is easy. Granted, I’m a simpleton, but I prefer that over gobbledygook. His directives are succinct: love Him, love your neighbor; love all, hate their sin.

Surely, he would also add, “Act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with [Him]”. He approves that message and wants your vote (regardless of “election time”).

Valerie Doerfler, Seguin

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