Ask the 26 million people confirmed with COVID-19 if it’s real. Ask the families of the over 127,000, young and old, healthy and vulnerable, who have died from COVID-19. To them it is painfully real. Ask our family, friends and neighbors from Seguin who have recently either been infected or have died from it if it’s real.

Has it been politicized? Absolutely. But for all the wrong reasons. During sad, difficult times like these we Americans are supposed to rally. We are supposed to help each other, offering support and assistance wherever we can. Why haven’t we done that? Both political sides should stop pointing fingers at each other, trying to lay blame and start working for the American people. What we need are leaders working feverishly (no pun intended) to bring an end to the spreading of this deadly virus. What we need are leaders who are working collaboratively to help all families and individuals who have been affected in some way by this devastating virus.

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Covid-19 has taken the lives of .00038 percent of the 330.000.000 people in the United States. May God Bless each and every victim and their families. 47,000,000 Americans have lost their jobs. This idiocy has to stop.

Covid-19 will not go away on November 4th, just will no longer part of the

24/ 7 news cycle. We won't hear much about it anymore. It will have to share the stage with heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and other diseases we have always battled. Covid kills, but so does poverty and no job. We just all have to hang on for four more months.

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