The letter from Forrest Mims of Seguin and his comments about J.C. Dufresne’s column show that he is living in a fog enshrouded atmosphere.

I and my family are lifelong Republicans. However, I and many Texans that I know, have become disillusioned with our party, especially in the last two years. I voted for President Trump, believing things that he said to be the truth. However, his claims have and continue to be filled with exaggerations and outright lies that he knows are lies, but hopes enough people will believe what he says.

Trump has an advisor named Miller, who fits the description of the Nazi Gestapo that fits (what) Dufresne may have referred to, who would throw anyone in prison that spoke up against the administration. He even looks like Adolph Eichmann.

We will not make the mistake of voting for Trump again. He has hurt our country too much and blind followers like Mims ensure our country continues down the wrong path. Trump’s statements can be quickly fact checked to show they are just lies, with hopes enough will follow the lies.

Mims said the Gazette should not publish leftist comments … just his comments, and that the paper should prohibit libelous content. That would leave out comments from Mims. The Gazette owes no one an apology for printing views that differ from people like Mims.

Larry Spears, Schertz

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Don and Rose

Is it a coincidence that Mr. Spears and Dufresne are both from Schertz? One can only speculate on a connection. Moreover, I've heard and read the often used "I'm a long time Republican" or "I've been a conservative all my life" lead-in to bashing anything and everything Republican.

I've followed Mr. Mims for almost 30 years and believe him to be a fact based Scientist and respectable citizen. On the other hand, I stopped reading the far left progressive indoctrinating propaganda offered by Dufresne a long time ago. I have no respect for his ilk.

Mr. Spears follows in the footsteps of so many Democrats these days by very loosely using the terms "Nazi" to define anyone who does not conform to their agenda.

Finally, I thank Mr. Mims for taking issue with Dufresne calling supporters of our President "Nazis". I am a veteran who served in combat during two wars and I enthusiastically supported and voted for President Trump and will do so again. Each passing day, the Democrats give me more reason to say protect our country from liberal degradation - vote Trump!

Donald Larsen


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