For these past months that I’ve been at Seguin High School, there have been numerous times where I’ve been attacked by many different people, because of my political beliefs, for speaking my truth!

I am proud of what I believe in, and have absolutely no problem letting the people I interact with on a daily basis know what I stand for, the same way that I’m proud and flattered that one of our proudest representatives of the Republican Party in Guadalupe County, Terry Harper, has acknowledged my words and has let them be known.

I see absolutely nothing wrong on his behalf to talk about social problems that happen in public schools. I, Jorge Talamantes-Villanueva, as a high school student, know the problems and discrimination that we, the people of political minority, specifically young conservatives, face nowadays in public schools, where in most of them, there is a liberal majority.

I heard people at SHS say that Mr. Harper was “cherry picking” the things that he would write in the Gazette in order to favor his argument. I find this absurd. Surely Mr. Harper will agree with me, as well as many conservatives will. I am tired of the left cherry picking the people they defend when most convenient to them, especially when those people have the same beliefs that they do.

My question is, why is my opinion less valid because it offends a few people? Why are we letting ourselves be silenced? I will continue my fight in making my conservative voice be heard, always in a respectful way, no matter who will be offended. In order to make this happen, we need more representatives like Mr. Harper to let our voices be heard, just as we need to be brave enough to let them be heard.

There is a saying here in the south. Strong men create good times, good times create weak men, weak men create hard times, hard times create strong men.

I would like you to guess, what part of the cycle we are in now?

Jorge Villanueva, Seguin

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