As Confederate statues and other symbols of white supremacy are being removed or toppled as part of this country’s long path toward reckoning with hundreds of years of racist violence, it’s time for Seguin’s leaders to stop embracing skewed historical narratives that blindly glorify the Texas Rangers and whitewash generations of violence, political and economic disenfranchisement, and erasure of the lives, cultures, and histories of Seguin’s Black and brown communities.

I understand that many of Seguin’s residents are proud that early Texas Rangers are part of Seguin’s origin story. I am not saying that we should erase this history. I am saying that we start being honest about it and learn from it.

Gabriel Solis is a former Seguin resident who currently residents in McAllen.

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My Mom told me thirty years ago that she was going to "slap me into next year!". I am going to call her and ask her if her offer is still on the table. I'm ready.


The unfortunate part of Mr Solis’s letter is the ‘replacement philosophy’, the mantra of many these days. Instead of stating that there are others in Seguin’s history who should be recognized and a way to do this, the author seeks to ‘wipe clean’ the bad and good of the time.

When will people stop and consider the key aspects of history.

1. None of were there, so cannot testify or truly understand the circumstance of either the people or events.

2. People were different and, though we may find this objectionable now, everything should be viewed in the context of the time.

3. Our ‘sensibility’s’ cannot be compared with theirs, as our view on the value of life has changed / evolved over time.

Texas A&M students, about 45% of them, recently voted to have the statue of Ross Sul removed, as this statue ‘offends them’. While not really sure how we changed university policy to include 19 year old student Input over the 55 year old administrators, OK. At the same time, a measure has been brought forward and is making good ground to erect a monument of Matthew Gaines, an outstanding idea.

Why can we not have both? Because there is a segment of the population who want not parity, they prefer erasure.

Why cannot Seguin have both? Why can we not always look to dedicate memorials, statues, murals and other visible presentations to both Juan Seguin, the Texas Rangers and others as we have always done? Are we saying that every Texas Ranger was a criminal when judged today? Are we saying that there was nothing laudable about their actions? Are we saying that they did not have anything positive to do with the settlement of Seguin or that their actions and influence were so egregious that they deserved to be ‘removed’?

Mr Solis is like many whose internal pain and suffering must be assuaged by the removal of anything ‘offensive’, a part of ‘my hurt feelings’ mentality of today.

We seem to think that every person is supposed to be ‘perfect’ and, whether the Confederates, Columbus style explorers, or anyone that lived prior today, viewed as bad regardless of their times.

Take a breath people and think about it.

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