When Shania sassed her way through that song, she sang truthfully. It might be my age, the jobs I’ve had or simply my temperament, but iconic stature (even Seguin style) “don’t impress me much.”

I know everyone is wallowing in the mud right alongside me (lol, whether they think they are or not). So, I hope I’m gentle and patient with folks. They deserve me to dig deeper (as I hope they do with me). Some have read the Bible countless times and are frequenters of mission trips. Great, I’m thankful for you. That just doesn’t impress me much.

I’m really quite a dud. I’ve read poetry countless times and I can’t compose a verse to save my life. Sadly, I’m still frequenting the mission field of ME as well.

We Christians have just celebrated our Lord’s birth. A baby doesn’t impress me. Oh, absolutely, I marvel at the miracle of its birth. Yet, a baby can’t do and doesn’t know “squat.” Kudos to it, though, for crawling, since I had to actually be taught that seemingly inconsequential feat on my road to recovery. I hope all of us watch that baby crawl out of that manger now because that’s impressive.

Valerie Doefler, Seguin

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