I support Seguin ISD’s Bond 2019. My perspective is that of a 40-plus year resident of Seguin and a former 20-year employee of the district. That perspective is reflective but my support is future focused.

In a conversation with anyone in the community, we each would have personal preferences for one project over another. We would have questions, comments, how about’s and what if’s. This is where we trust the process and the people who served on the facilities committee. They resolved, through a commitment of time, attention, consideration and collaboration, to address their and our questions, comments, how about’s and what if’s. That committee did the heavy lifting to move this bond proposal forward.

Please go to the SISD website, the Forward Together 19 FB page or website or to the SISD boardroom to view the floor to ceiling depictions that constitute the long range plan that led to this first tier of projects.

It’s a new day and a new direction for Seguin ISD. I am excited by where I see us headed. With confidence in this superintendent, this board, the recommendations of the facilities committee and the wisdom of creating an oversight committee, the real beneficiaries are the students and staff who will spend their days in facilities worthy of them.

There are hundreds of yard and business signs around the community. Those citizens and businesses are making a statement. It’s your turn, Seguin, to make your statement of support. Vote FOR Bond 2019.

Gretchen Ricker, Seguin

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