It’s well after Valentine’s Day, yet I hope there’s still enough love left to power me because I’m a heart thinker. So, don’t bet on riling me (bet on making me cry instead).

Therefore, I need you politicos. That’s not my forte, even my druthers. I don’t belong in a Mensa. No doubt people roll their eyes at me. It’s not unusual I get my “eyes poked out” (but that’s on that person’s conscience). I’d rather err in love (Ugh. What’s one more sin chalked up by my name?!)

My granddaughter sent me a text on that day declaring her love. In response, I told her she knew I loved her, but I’d say it tomorrow when there’s no reason for it. So, when I did that the next day, I told her she could believe it since there’s nothing to coerce me to say it.

“Passing the Peace” (religious calf scramble) at a church elicits the same feeling from me. When I slip out at that time, I’ve quipped to the ushers, “Don’t tell me what to do.” (Just ask God — even my sibs. They’ll all tell you it’s pointless). “But, I want peace & love”, you cry. Great. So do I, and I hope I always give it to you! Simply don’t tell me to do it on a certain day or time!

When someone tells me to use my head (as futile as that would be), I hope I remember to run it by my heart first.

Valerie Doerfler, Seguin

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