Things that made me smile this morning on my bike ride through our beautiful town: a pretty lawn full of birds that took off in flight as I rode by. A sign congratulating a graduating senior. A friendly good morning from a neighbor watering his lawn. Two cute puppies barking from inside their screen door at me. A “beware of dog” sign with a cat perched directly behind it. The sunshine. Riding past the park that used to be the library where my kids grew to love books. The moon still visible opposite the sunshine. The neighbor playing catch with her dog inside her fence. Friendly waves from drivers as they passed. The beautifully restored houses in our historic district. The not-so-well-kept-up houses with friendly people waving from their porches. The outdoor essential workers who are ever-present with a friendly smile and wave.

I could have chosen to list the sad things I saw probably a lot easier, but I’m choosing to look for the good because life is too short. If I were made of money, I would fix all of the physical problems I see everyday on my ride, but I’m not, so I’ll try to fix the things I can with a smile and a wave and a prayer as I ride through my beautiful town.

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Makes the rest of us wish we'd been riding with you! Your note does cause me to pause and consider the simple pleasures in life, what to appreciate and reminding me that I am blessed in many ways.

Thanks for your Letter, made my morning!

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