Seguin’s Main Street program can’t lead downtown revitalization efforts on a shoe string budget. Since moving to Seguin four years ago, my humble attempts to inspire some forward momentum at Main Street have met with a now familiar refrain.

— Let’s bring in outside expertise to develop a downtown action plan for streetscaping. We don’t have the resources to do that, was the reply.

— Why can’t Main Street expand the number of Lone Star terra cotta planters downtown that are such a hit with business owners? Sorry, we don’t have the funds for more planters, came the response.

— Main Street, can you work with the business owner on the corner across from the County Courthouse. The property owner with the boarded up windows (ouch) on the second floor? Sorry, no means to do so, was again the response.

— Main Street, the banners on the lamp posts around the square downtown are terrific. The best of both worlds — a colorful historical touch with inspiration. Can’t we grow the concept throughout downtown to liven things up a bit? Nope, the brackets are too expensive was the comeback. (The brackets!?)

It’s a special calling to lead our downtown revitalization efforts, but to do so on a starvation budget is like spitting in the wind. Mayor and City Council, how do you spell relief? Downtown Seguin Main Street can’t lead without adequate funding. Increase their budget in the coming fiscal year and beyond, then let’s get on with the program.

Douglass Manger, Seguin

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I waited 29 years for improvement in the downtown area, I recently took the Mayors advice and voted with my feet. Moved to the city of New Braunfels and saw my tax rate drop from $2.34 to $2.21 on a whole, City tax dropped from $0.54 to $0.49. Getting taxed and seeing little results was getting old


My home town, which is of similar size, revitalized its downtown area through the joint effort of business and the city. Many older buildings, though architecturally pleasing, were removed and replaced by modern structures. One main difference was the fact that the downtown area had remained alive and well prior to being transformed, as a result of its location near to major employers.

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