I wish I would choose wisely — even if it’s just my words. I cringe when writing each letter because I think of two English teachers reading them and “tsking” me.

“To hate is to love less.”

When I heard those words, everything said (or that would be said) was lost because I hung on to that one line.

Am I to love evil less instead of “hate what is evil?” I grimaced, mired in uncertainty. I became like a puppy playing tug-of-war. I couldn’t let it go. (Yes, I went to my o-o-t “voters” again).

I acknowledge different kinds of love, so I understood how that remark was used to explain the Bible verse. It was still an unfortunate choice of words for me. I wouldn’t define hate with the word love.

When I hate — whatever the sin (injustice, poverty, illness…), I HATE it. I have no degree of love for it. I wouldn’t say, “to die is to live less.”

The 10 Commandments are “dos” as well as “don’ts.” Many focus only on the “don’ts.”

The same might be said about this directive from God. I don’t want to concentrate on the “hate part” of the verse. Instead, I focus on putting God first in my life, then all else follows. Is that not how we prioritize?

I may be getting tangled in semantics here, but those are the words I would have chosen. That’s just how this “cow eats the cabbage.”

Valerie Doerfler, Seguin

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