To eat vegan is to exclude any meat, fish, eggs and dairy, and add various plant-based options to one’s diet. There should be more vegan options and products and public information brought to Seguin as it encourages a healthier lifestyle. A vegan diet/lifestyle offers a wide range of benefits, including lowering of blood sugar, lower risk of heart disease, improving kidney function, and even aiding in weight loss.

Restaurants and grocery stores should be mandated to bring more vegan-friendly food options into their stores. This, in turn, will encourage customers to view the products and buy them. One does not have to immediately only eat plant-based, but individuals have noticed benefits from eating one vegan meal a day or a few times a week.

The increase of people implementing vegan meals into their days will help with one’s overall health. The increase in civilians’ health and mood will benefit everyone. When one feels good, one tends to work and interact with others better.

Anyone can eat vegan, as many vegan products are already available at grocery stores. However, at restaurants, it is not always quite the same. Adding more options will allow others who want to try veganism but don’t know much about it a better idea.

By going to one’s grocery store or restaurant and trying to find vegan options, and buying them, these establishments will see a demand for vegan options. This can help to sustain the availability of vegan options for anyone and everyone.

Sarah Jasek, Seguin

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Thank you for being vegan and leaving more meat for the rest of us grouchy carnivores!


Mandate restaurants have vegan options? They can serve what they want. Most have salad options now.

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