In a prior letter to the editor, I wrote that columnist J.C. Dufresne’s charge that Trump supporters are “good little Nazis” is libelous. In response, reader Larry Spears suggests that it’s my comment that is libelous. Spears then joins Dufresne when he writes that an advisor to President Trump “fits the description of the Nazi Gestapo” and “He even looks like Adolph Eichmann.”

Spears’ bizarre Gestapo charge is as puzzling as it is troubling, for the Gestapo was the secret police force of Nazi Germany that oversaw “the final solution” in which millions of Jews and other minorities were imprisoned, tortured and killed. Those who call their political opponents “Nazis” and “Nazi Gestapo” seem unaware of this tragic history.

I suggest they visit one of the online holocaust sites and look at the photographs of Nazi death camps, the gas chambers, the incinerators and the tragic piles of dead men and women.

Jonathan Greenblatt, national director of the Anti-Defamation League, is no fan of President Trump. But Greenblatt understands the history of the Nazis far better than his fellow leftists who accuse Trump of being a Nazi. In a column for the “New York Daily News” headlined “No, Donald Trump is not Adolph Hitler,” Greenblatt wrote: “Misplaced comparisons trivialize this unique tragedy in human history — particularly when public figures invoke the Holocaust in an effort to score political points.”

Forrest Mims III, Seguin

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