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About Seguin Gazette

The Seguin Gazette-Enterprise has undergone a number of changes - including name changes - over the more than 100 years it has served the Seguin and Guadalupe County community.

In the fall of 1988, the newspaper celebrated its centennial. The first issue of the paper was published in October of 1888 with the history of the Gazette traced back to 1890. Newspapering in Seguin dates back to Sept. 1853, when the community's first newspaper, the Texan Mercury, rolled off the presses. The Mercury later became the Seguin Mercury. By November of 1956, the next Seguin paper, the Seguin Journal made its initial appearance.

Sam Houston became a candidate for governor of Texas in 1857. The Journal supported his candidacy while the Mercury supported his opponent, Hardin R. Runnels. Sam Houston spoke in Seguin on July 25 - his remarks and career extolled by the Journal and disparaged by the Mercury. Runnels was elected governor less than a month later.

In 1861, the Mercury changed its name to the Southern Confederacy. The first edition of the paper, later to be succeeded by the Western Texian, expounded on the "rising military spirit" already existing in Seguin with the "Guadalupe Regulars" and "Knights of the Golden Cross."

The Union Democrat-Extra also appeared in the 1860s. By 1870, the Guadalupe Times made its debut in Seguin. It was succeeded by the Seguin Times. Issues of the Seguin Times tell of the coming of Seguin into the political limelight with the election of John Ireland as governor of Texas in 1882 and the laying of the Seguin Street Railway in 1885. In 1886, the Times was followed by the Seguin Record. A German newspaper, the Waechter had a brief run that same year. It became known as the Seguiner Zeitung. In the later part of 1894, the Seguin Anchor was succeeded by the Seguin Record. The name of the Anchor was changed to the Guadalupe Gazette in 1890. Later came the Seguin Bulletin whose owner purchased the Gazette and the Zeitung, publishing the Guadalupe Gazette-Bulletin, and finally the Seguin Gazette.

The Gazette-Enterprise became a daily publication on Sept. 7, 1979 with a merger between The Seguin Gazette and the Seguin Enterprise. The event signaled the end of decades of lively competition between Seguin's two weekly, and later twice-weekly, publications. Long-time publishers of those newspapers were Otha L. Grisham and John C. Taylor.

The paper was purchased in 1984 by Houston-based Southern Newspapers Inc. and its most recent change came in 1999 when it, like a number of other newspapers in the state, went from an afternoon paper to a morning edition.