Navarro and Wimberley will make their case to the UIL on Tuesday for an appeal of the realignment released on Feb. 3, which put the two football powerhouses in District 14-4A-II.

The new district includes those two schools and Austin Achieve, Manor New Tech, SA Young Men’s Leadership and Austin Eastside Memorial.

Three of those schools are new to 4A football, while three of the schools will not field junior high, freshman or junior varsity teams.

“It’s tough on us being in that district,” Blount said after the realignment came out earlier this month. “I think it’s going to hurt us this year, and the effects of it will be long term. It’s hard to find games for your junior highs and sub-varsity teams.”

“Manor said they would have a JV, but that’s it. Eastside is not going to have a JV, freshman or junior high and Achieve Academy and SA Young Men’s Leadership is going to be the same way.

“So we’re going to be scrambling to find games for our sub-varsities and having to send them every which way — and a bunch of 4A schools are going to be dealing with the same issue we are.”

Putting all four of those schools in the same district, rather than splitting them up, creates an issue for the biggest part of the district football season.

“It’s hard enough when you’re trying to find them for one game or so,” Blount said. “But to look during everybody’s district play for a minimum of three games — it’s going to be hard to do.”

Blount went on to say that he didn’t think all four of those schools would be placed in the same district, and that he was worried about the level of competition that the new programs could provide for his varsity football team.

“Manor Tech is coming up from 3A, it’s going to be Achieve Academy’s first year of playing football and it’s the same with SA Young Men’s — that’s three brand new schools,” Blount said.

“But the main concern that I have is for our younger kids on our sub-varsities, who are we going to schedule? You’re aren’t going to be able to play 4A’s because they aren’t going to be looking for games.”

The hearing, in front of the UIL’s District Assignment Appeals Committee, is scheduled for Tuesday morning at 9 a.m. at the Courtyard Marriott in Pflugerville. 

Navarro and Wimberley are the last of 10 schools that are contesting the realignment. 

According to the UIL website, the meeting is open to the public and all interested parties are invited to attend.

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