After successfully bouncing back from its first defeat in two years, Lifegate (1-1) heads to Corpus Christi tonight looking for its second win in row.

The Falcons kickoff at Annapolis at 7 p.m.

The mercy-rule 49-0 win over the Corpus Christi Badgers, which ended in the third quarter, left the Falcons in good shape heading into tonight’s game.

“The kids are refreshed,” head coach John Stout said. “It wasn’t a full game, so it didn’t take that much out of them. They came to work this week with not as much soreness, so they are ready to play again.”

The tough game that Stout anticipated did not materialize against the Badgers.

“We thought going into the game it might be a tough one,” Stourt said. “But once they got to going they were really clicking on all cylinders.”

Lifegate mercy ruled the Warriors last year, and Annapolis comes into this game 0-2. 

“We’ve watched the film and it appears they have a bunch of young players,” Stout said. “It looks like we’re sitting pretty good this week, but we’re going to have to get after it and not take them lightly.”

The Falcons will have to replace up back and two-way starter Luke Landin, who got injured last week.

“He’s got an LCL sprain we think,” Stout said. “But we’ll have to wait for the swelling to go down to get an MRI and make sure there’s no tears in it. Hopefully we’ll get him back later on.”

Quinten Shelnutt and Barson Schmidt ran it all over the Badgers defense last week, with Shelnutt going over 100 yards and scoring three times, while Schmidt rushed for 84 yards on just three touches and had a touchdown.

With the Badgers unable to stop the run, the Falcons attempted just six passes last week.

“Quinten has looked good this week,” Stout said. “He’s looking better on his passes, and I’ve told him not to lob the ball downfield.

“He’s much better and more accurate when he steps up and throws the ball.”

The Falcons will likely be run heavy again against the Warriors this week, Stout said.

“We’re going to stick with the same game plan,” he said. “We’ll just run it until they stop it, and if they do, we’ll try something different.”

Joseph Menchaca, David Brewer and Kyle Wrinkle will rotate in to help to replace Landin.

Freshmen Josh Sowers and Caleb Logan will also see some more action on the field this week.

“The younger kids will get more playing time this week,” Stout said. “They were kind of hiding in practices, but they showed us a little bit last week toward the end of the game and have been better in practice this week. Now that we’ve seen they can play, we’ll probably put them in a little more.”

Kevin Duke is the sports editor of the Seguin Gazette. You can e-mail him at .

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